Children’s Yoga & Creative Art Autumnal Camp

Children’s Yoga & Creative Art Camp Autumnal Camp 2019

3 Day : Wednesday 30th Oct- to 1st November: 10am -2pm

Investment: €70 per child and €65 for second + sibling/s
Suitable for all primary school age children

Our Autumnal themed Children’s Yoga & Creative Art Camp will create a space for imagination, playfulness, learning and being. Exploring and encouraging children yoga practice and creativity through movement, storytelling, games and fun. Children will enjoy a nurturing, supportive and non-competitive environment in which to explore. They will stretch and energise their bodies, explore creative expression through a variety of art materials, learn mindfulness, self calming and relaxation techniques while making new friends.

Louise Waters- Louise Waters Natural Therapies
Anna Faye- Ana Faye Designs & Creative Art Camps