Natural Therapies

The Natural Therapies Centre & Yoga Studio has been created to offer a full 360 approach to healing. Body, Mind & Spirit. A custom designed space in Sligo Town dedicated to your natural healing. Our Therapists offer a wide range of holistic treatments and therapies in centre, complimented by online classes and workshops. All practitioners practice independently however come together in one space here at The Natural Therapies Centre

Browse the range of treatments and therapies offered in the centre.  Please get in touch with any queries or see the practitioners own online channels for further information. 
GP Clinic

Our General Practitioner, Dr. Paula Martin, is able to help with a number of conditions through mindful medication, and integrating mind body approaches with modern medicine. Dr Paula Martin has a strong personal practice of meditation for over 20 years and is a qualified yoga instructor.

Offered by: Dr. Paula Martin

Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a safe, gentle, light touch body therapy to support health and wellness.

BCST is known to be effective in the treatment of:


Back Pain
TMJ issues

Newborn babies

Offered by: Lelia O Shaunessy


We offer a range of massage therapies in our centre, including Swedish Massage,  Maternity Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Oncology Massage and Acu Massage treatments.

Swedish Massage: 

Our Swedish Massage treatment is a whole-body massage that targets muscles and tissue throughout the body. The massage relieves tension in muscles to relax and rejuvenate clients. Offered by: Louise Waters, Leah McVeigh and Fergus Beirne.

Indian Head Massage

An Indian Head Massage is a gentle massage that is part of Ayuverda, a Hindu tradition which uses deep circular strokes around your head and shoulders. An Indian Head Massage can relieve any aching or dull pains around your neck and will help you to feel relaxed, clear headed and relieve stress. Offered by: Leah McVeigh and Fergus Beirne.

Maternity Massage:

Louise Waters at the Natural Therapies Centre offers a Mama Mio Maternity Massage which uses safe but highly effective pre-natal massage techniques and award winning Mama Mio Omega rich oils to relax lower back muscles that carry your beautiful bump. Suitable from the second trimester. The Mama Mio Maternity Massage includes a head and neck massage with a unique Yummy Tummy elasticing masque. Louise also offers a Maternity Head and Leg Treatment to help with poor circulation, water retention and the tiring effects of carrying your precious extra load. Offered by: Louise Waters & Fergus Beirne

 Lymphatic Massage:

A Lymphatic Massage targets lymph fluids around the body. Lymps collect and remove toxins while transporting nutrients to cells. A Lymphatic massage will revive your immune system and help your lymps to work properly, which means you are more likely to fight off infection and disease. Offered by: Louise Waters.

Oncology Massage:

An oncology massage will provide help to those going through cancer treatment. An oncology massage uses light and slow movements around the nervous system to help settle the body. An oncology massage can help to decrease stress and anxiety that comes with cancer treatment, increasing the chance of a better sleep and decreasing pain such as headaches and nausea. Offered by: Fergus Beirne.

Acu Massage:

Acu massages combine message therapy with acupuncture to help relieve stress and muscle tension. Our clients feel rejuvenated and pain free after an Acu passage which usually includes the use of needles. Offered by: Fergus Beirne.

Offered by: Louise Waters  Fergus Beirne Leigh Mc Veigh

Energy Healing

Energy Healing will help to recalibrate your body and emotional health, so that the energy in your body can move around freely without being obstructed. This free movement of energy around your body will decrease stress, help with pain and can treat a variety of conditions such as infertility, depression, heart disease and cancer. We can also offer crystal healing within our centre.

Offered by: Louise WatersFergus Beirne and Lelia O Shaunessy


Psychotherapy at The Natural Therapies Centre is offered by Imogen O Connor, who offers one to one psychotherapy for adults 16+. Imogen uses a humanistic and integrative approach to tackle stress and anxiety, trauma and sexual abuse, bereavement as well as existential issues. 

Therapist: Imogen O Connor & Linda Fulton

Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy and couples counselling is offered at our centre to facilitate healing and to create a soulful connection with yourself and others. Build your relationships through therapy which includes humanistic and integrative approaches, and psychosynthesis.

Therapist: Imogen O Connor


Family Therapy

Here at the Natural Therapies Centre we work with families to help with healing, bereavement, relationships, trauma, stress and anxiety, as well as a range of other issues. Our psychotherapist Imogen O Connor originally qualified with a Masters in Social Work from UCD and completed her training as psychosynthesis psychotherapist in 1998. 

Offered by: Imogen O Connor     &       Linda Fulton


Energy & Spiritual Healing integrates mind body approaches with modern medicine. There are a range of transformative benefits to mindfulness which can help with physical and emotional wellbeing. Dr. Paula Martin is a certified instructor offering both MBSR & MBCT. Paula also completed Postgraduate training in Mindfulness Based Approaches at The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University, Wales.
Offered by: Dr. Paula Martin (MICGP)  and Fergus Beirne


Reiki offers energy healing to treat a variety of conditions and emotional wellbeing. Energy healing works to help energy fields around the body to move freely, removing any obstruction. Here at The Natural Therapies Centre, our practitioners will transfer the energy around your body with Reiki to rejuvenate you and provide you with stress release, as well as physical pain. 

Offered by: Louise WatersFergus Beirne and Lelia O Shaunessy


Yoga can offer a range of benefits to our bodies, including building up strength, increasing blood flow and helping clients to feel more energised. We offer a mox of both in clinic and online Yoga- options include Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Mixed Ability Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Restorative Yoga. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is ideal for complete beginners or those looking for a gentler class. Over the weeks, there will be an exploration of the relationship between breath and its fundamentality to the practice, while also focusing on alignment, building strength, flexibility and balance. The Vinyasa system uses synchronrized movements and breath, working with sun salutations and gentle flow to promote rejuvenation, relaxation and calm.

Vinyasa Flow Mixed Ability Yoga:

Vinyasa Flow Mixed Ability Yoga utilizes the sun saltuations to link postures together to form threads of mini sequences. This develops the vinyasa system that encourages the student to move according to their own edge. A mixed level class, recommended to have a little prior experience to enjoy the class fully.

Pregnancy Yoga:

Pregnancy Yoga classes are gentle and will explore the postures to support the Mum to be and help relieve common pregnancy discomforts. Our classes focus on relaxation, breathwork and gentle stretching for pregnancy and labour to support you and encourage a calm and confident approach to your birth experience. Classes are suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy and run in 6 week blocks.

Restorative Yoga:

Restorative Yoga uses props and blankets to support the body in simple yoga poses which trigger the parasympathic nervous system to achieve a deep level of relaxation. Restorative yoga is deeply nourishing and healing; it releases tense muscles, relieves joint aches, and transitions the mind and body giving one a sense of peace and calm. Suitable for all levels, complete beginner to advanced practitioner.

Yoga Classes Offered by: Louise Waters – See for online schedule.


Reflexology, with specialised training in reflexology in, Cancer care & Ante natal Reflexology and Healing through the Feet.

Offered by:  Fergus Beirne and Leigh McVeigh

Eminence Beauty Treatments

We offer a variety of Holistic Facials which aim to create immediate and long lasting results. Our Eminence Organic Facials include the Organic Signature Facial, which uses age-old Hungarian massage techniques on both men and women to leave skin clean, fresh, hydrated and glowing for days. Our Anti-Aging and Radiance Facial includes a relaxing back and head massage with an anti-aging, herbal facial for deep hydration. 


Offered by: Louise Waters

Maternity Treatments

Louise Waters offers three main types of maternity treatment for one of the most special times in a woman’s life. Maternity treatments include Mama Mio Maternity Massage, Eminence Maternity Facial and The Yummy Mummy treatment.

Mama Mio Maternity Massage:

Safe but highly effective pre-natal massage techniques and the award winning Mama Mio omega rich oils to relax specific back muscles that are strained while carrying your precious bump. Suitable from the second trimester. This treatment includes a head and neck massage, as a well as unique Yummy Tummy elasticing masque.

Eminence Maternity Facial:

The Eminence Maternity Facial uses natural, safe and balancing organic pulped herbs and fruits just as Mother Nature intended for you at this very special time. A bespoke facial that treats the hormonal imbalances and changes in skin that occur during pregnancy. The gentle and deeply relaxing facial will leave your skin bright, radiant and glowing. Suitable at all stages of pregnancy and tailored to your skin care needs on the day.

The Yummy Mummy:

A fabulous experience that has been carefully designed for those who are expecting their precious bundle or those who have just had their baby. This treatment combines the Mama Mio Maternity Massage, Leg Treatment and Eminence Maternity Facial.

Maternity Treatments Offered by: Louise Waters  and Leah McVeigh