Corporate Mobile Spa


Corporate Wellness is becoming a distinct feature within the modern workplace as a tool to support healthy lifestyle choices and improve the overall health and well-being of employees. Corporate Wellness Programs have been cited as instrumental in reducing absenteeism, increased job satisfaction, company loyalty, heightened morale while increasing productivity at all levels. Whether you elect to use our facilities and treatments as an incentive, or as a standard part of your Corporate Wellness approach Louise Waters Natural Therapies will work with your HR department and management to tailor the best range of health promoting spa solutions that you can incorporate within your Corporate Wellness Program.

Employee Wellbeing


A companies most important asset is its employees. Research suggests that happy employees are more productive employees. Incorporating a wellness programme that shows your staff you care is an investment in your business as well as encouraging more positive interactions in the workplace. If your staff are happy your customers will be happy.


Some benefits of massage in the workplace include :

•Improves mood and lowers anxiety

•Increases energy

•Better concentration and clearer mind

•Motivation to work

•Improve morale and loyalty in workplace

•Boosts immune system

•Reduce headaches and eye strains

•Long term financial benefits to the company

On-Site Wellness Days


Onsite Wellness days can be incorporated into your Employee well-being programme. Use as an incentive to reward your top performing staff or include as a gesture to show you care about your employee well being Louise Waters Natural Therapies will bring the spa experience directly to your office or location of your choice. We bring all of the necessary equipment required for the treatment and will transform your space into a relaxing zone providing the opportunity to bring wellness, stress relief by providing professional therapeutic treatments in the comfort of your workspace. Corporate packages and treatments can be tailored to suit your business and staff exact needs. Please contact us to design a package for you.