Pre School Yoga At Louise Waters Natural Therapies

Louise teaches yoga in Schools with compassion, encouragement and mindfulness. Classes are designed for each age group and using different themes. Classes can be themed to tie in to projects that the schools are working on with children eg, Anti- bullying, mindfulness, being active, building self confidence etc. During Children’s yoga with Louise the focus is mainly on Hatha Yoga or Physical Yoga and is delivered in a a fun manner using the medium of story-telling, adventures and games. During classes children will explore breathing techniques, physical Asana poses, partner work, singing, artwork and relaxations. They are fun, non-competitive and help kids to build self-esteem and become aware of their body through movement and stillness.

Classes are 30-60 minutes depending on the Age of group of children.

What our clients say about us

My 4 year old daughter has been going to Louise Waters children’s yoga class for just under a year now. She absolutely loves it. Louise is a kind, patient and gentle teacher, who makes learning the practise of yoga a fun experience for children. My daughter has learned many of the basic stretches and poses in yoga and often takes out her mat at home and practises! I would recommend this to all parents of little people!


Louise is experienced and dedicated, excellent in her field. Highly recommended!


Louise Waters Natural Therapies has been a fantastic addition to our guest experience at Coopershill. Every single person that had a treatment in 2016 was delighted. Thanks Louise!

Simon O Hara, (Owner, Coopershill House)

Thanks Louise for the most amazing massage. I feel like a new woman


Love all her treatments she is a very talented professional practitioner


My very energetic 7 year old son absolutely loved his yoga classes with Louise. I wasn’t sure how he would manage in a calm, relaxed environment as he is a very busy boy but she made it so much fun and is fantastic at relating to young children. He was very excited to show me all the yoga poses after each class and really enjoyed the relaxation at the end. I would highly recommend Louise’s class to everyone


Louise’s Family Yoga class is great fun with a good balance of games and son and I eally enjoyed it….It is a really lovely way to spend a Sunday morning and connect as a family


Louise, Mum LOVED her facial today, She said its the BEST she ever had. She felt so relaxed afterwards, she said it felt like she had been on a holiday. Her skin looked amazing afterwards & so toned. You definately have the magic touch. Xx


Louise was amazing tailored the massage to exactly what i wanted & was very professional can’t wait to get booked back in ! Thank you so much x