Children’s Yoga & Creative Art Camps

Our Children’s Yoga & Creative Art Camps are facilitated by Louise Waters (Louise Waters Natural Therapies) and Anna Faye (Creative Art Camps). They are designed to create a space for Children’s imagination, playfulness, learning and being. Exploring and encouraging children’s yoga practice and creativity through imagination, sensation, movement, storytelling, games and playfulness. Children will enjoy a nurturing, supportive and non-competitive environment in which to explore. They will stretch and energise their bodies, explore creative expression through a variety of art materials, learn mindfulness, self calming and relaxation techniques and make new friends.

Yoga & Creative Art Camps for 2019

Autumn Camp : Wed 30st Oct  -Fri 1st Nov

10am-2pm @ The Model, Sligo

Cost €70 per child €65 for each additional sibling



Email :  phone 087 9002160



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